Amcat Education Center - Adjuster Training and Continuing Education

The most common path:

  1. Complete the Texas Licensing Class
  2. Complete the Basic Adjusting Class with Xactimate
  3. Complete the Xactimate software class

How to Become an Adjuster


Overview of the Job Description
As an insurance Property Adjuster you will be assisting homeowners and businesses recover from damage caused by catastrophes. The requirements of an Adjuster include specialized training in insurance policies, construction repair methods, software and a basic working knowledge of accounting. You may be working under adverse conditions and for extended periods away from home but your efforts will be well rewarded, both personally as well as financially. 

Adjusters must be physically able to inspect damage. This includes working on rooftops, attics, crawl spaces and areas with significant damage. Adjusters must understand how to read and interpret insurance policies. You will need a personal laptop computer and digital camera as well as knowledge of insurance estimating software such as Xactimate.  Licensing is usually required in most states before an adjuster is able to receive claims.  Training and continuing education is essential to successful claims adjusters.

Types of Adjusters

  1. Independent Adjusters are self-employed contractors who work for Independent Adjusting firms.  Amcat is an Independent Adjusting firm.  Amcat utilizes Independent Adjusters nationwide to serve our insurance company customers.
  2. Staff Adjusters may be employed directly by an insurance company with typical employee responsibilities and company benefits.

Where to Start
Training is usually the beginning with any new profession or job.  Adjusting is no different.

Who to get training from:
We know Adjusters shop.  If you are not sold on Amcat’s Training yet, here are some questions to ask our competition.  By asking the right questions you should be able to make an informed decision. 

Questions to Ask Training Companies

AMCAT’s Response

(A) Is your company an adjusting firm?
(B) What Insurance companies do you work with?

(A) Yes, We are an adjusting firm and a national training center.
(B) The largest insurance company we work for is USAA Insurance. We also have many other clients throughout the United States.

How long have you been in business?

Amcat has been in business since 1997.
The Amcat Education Center has been training adjusters since 2006.

Location of training: your facility or hotel?

Our Facility
Note: Beware of companies doing training out of hotel conference rooms full time.  These companies rarely have ties to Insurance companies or independent adjusting firms. 

Will you give me a list of adjusting firms when the training is complete to send my resume to?

No, because Amcat is an adjusting firm.  Hopefully you are able to work for us.  Note: Fly-by night companies promise to help you find work.  The method: provide you a list of adjusting firms.  The list is available on  Amcat is one of the companies on the list handed out by other companies.   

Is all training the same company to company?

No, there is not standardization in our industry for training.  The naming of a course “Basic Adjusting” or “Adjuster 101” does not mean it’s the same course.   Likewise for Xactimate.  Amcat offers a full range of courses while some other companies may only teach the minimum knowledge courses.

Why should I take my training with you?

There are many reasons, but the major reason is Amcat is an adjusting firm.  Our training is geared towards making you self-sufficient and successful in the field.   Amcat is known in the industry for detail oriented courses with challenging homework.  Amcat Adjusters are prepared to enter the field and have the right knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Do you have FREE training?

No, however we offer a 50% rebate on our Basic Property Adjusting Course for adjusters who deploy with Amcat and complete 50 claims within a one year time period from completion of the Basic Property Adjusting Course.  See course description for further details.

(A) Do you have online training? 

(B) Do you recommend online or in-class training?

(A) All of our courses are in-class education with the exception of certain webinars.. 
(B) We recommend in-class training because of a set timeline to finish the course and the opportunity for face to face question and answer sessions with the instructors. Online courses could take weeks/months/years to complete when an Amcat   in-class course is more traditional with a set timeline.

Licensing requirements for adjusters vary by state. Some states have very few requirements, while others require Licensing and Continuing Education (CE) to maintain certification.  However, adjusters usually deploy away from home and work in areas where licensing is required.  Due to this, most adjusters carry multiple state licenses in the event a catastrophe hits.  The Texas adjuster license is the most sought license because the license is reciprocal in 32 states.  Reciprocity means: You are not required to take a course or exam in another state, if you hold a Texas adjuster’s license. 

Basic Property Adjusting Course
Our Basic Adjusting Course teaches the adjuster the fundamentals of adjusting and interpretation of the basic homeowners’ policy.  The fundamentals include, but are not limited to, roof measurement techniques, construction materials and inspection procedures and claims writing in Xactimate.  All students participate by actually climbing and measuring a roof and walking through an exterior inspection.   We also teach the basics of Xactimate. Click here for course information. 

Claims Software Course
Our Xactimate course teaches the adjuster how to properly write a claim the insurance company will approve.  The software is the heart of a successful business.  You may be an expert in construction; however, if you do not know how to write a claim, you will not be successful in this industry.  Insurance companies require software for handling losses and do not accept handwritten claims. Click here for course information.

How to get on our Roster
New Adjusters - Students who attend courses at the Amcat Education Center are evaluated through individual coursework for possible addition to the Amcat roster for future deployments.  Upon successful completion of our property adjusting courses, Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, an AMCAT contract may be offered.  Students will review Amcat’s policy on evaluating adjusters at the start of every course.

Experienced Adjusters - Your first step should be to complete our Amcat Adjuster Questionnaire, and submit it online along with your resume to Amcat Human Resources.

IMPORTANT: Submission of the questionnaire does not constitute addition to our roster. The questionnaire is used to review your experience and certifications. We review your questionnaire and then, based on your level of experience, training, etc., may offer you a contract and add you to our roster.

Marketing your Independent Adjuster Business to Independent Firms
Marketing your business in a way that allows you to promote yourself as a “face” rather than a “name” will increase your chance of success as an insurance adjuster. In this industry, it is unlikely you will be guaranteed work throughout your career from a single firm; therefore, this makes it necessary for adjusters to be on multiple firm rosters.  Client specific certifications may be required.

Below are some common statements made by adjusters while marketing their business to Amcat.

Adjuster - “I don’t need training.  There isn’t a storm.” 

Amcat - “Storms are unpredictable, and there is a wide variety of events for which an adjuster may be deployed.  If you put off training until a storm or event occurs, you may lose an opportunity for deployment.  There is no time to train when companies are required to have adjusters “on site” within a 24 – 48 hr period upon notification.  Those adjusters that chose not to wait for training will already on their way.”

Adjuster – “I already took a beginner course elsewhere.”

Amcat – “Without being present and having face time with a company, you are not able to properly market your adjusting abilities.  Our courses provide you with the skills required to write a successful claim that pays both the insured and you.”

Adjuster – “I have friends in the business, and I am going to rely on them when we deploy.”

Amcat – “The work of an an adjuster during a catastrophic event is very fast paced.  Your friends, on whom you are relying, will have many insureds who they must attend to within a certain frame of time.  There will be many late nights and continuous working weeks your friends will be working on their claims and they will not be able to give you proper attention for training without taking time away from their work.  This is your business, not your friends’s.  If you plan on being a successful adjuster, you will take your own steps to run a successful business, and that does not include relying on a friend for your success.”

Ultimately, you will determine how much you will earn based on what you accomplish and how well you perform.  Amcat Independent Contractors are paid a service fee from a tiered fee schedule that is agreed upon with a client.  The fee schedules differ based on the client and the amount of the property loss.  The money can be lucrative, but is not attainable without hard work and determination.


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